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Cold Hard World--Poem

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, The result of watching cable news, all day, every day!

Cold Hard World

All around the globe, seems it’s turning to s**t

Ignorance is NOT bliss, not one bit

Scenes of devastation play themselves out on the news

Makes one turn the set off; it gives you the blues

You watch for a couple hours, then look for a ladder and some rope

For something that makes sense you frantically grope

If you believe the media, the end’s coming fast

All the evil is set in stone; the dye has been cast,

And they’ll tell us all about it, after this commercial break,

For money still makes the world go around; they make

You sit through a bunch of commercials before you learn what’s going on

You’ve got to read between the lines to find out what’s fact, and what’s con

Seemingly 3/4 of every hour is an ad for something

Politics, U.S. News, World News, over and over, bad news is king

The Depression Crawler keeps on creeping by your bloodshot eyes

It’s mind-numbing revolving door seems to hypnotize

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