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Cry Foul!--poem

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, Ordinarily, I hesitate to post political things; I know there\'s been a few,; but I just couldn\'t believe what I was seeing!

Cry Foul!

Unemployment rate down; good news right?

Not so, say a few; and they’re mostly white

What’s good for the goose, is the opposite for them

It's manipulation by the lefties; by the dems

Good news for the country means 4 more years of him,

As they watch their hateful chances dim

They say, “We worked so hard, and it’s going for naught

Our subversive tactics aren’t working out like we thought!”

Put party ahead of America; THAT”S the way to go

If the other side thought of it; you just say no

Your party is an anchor, slowing everything to a crawl

When asked for your ideas, you don’t have any, at all!

The democratic workers must be lying,

When they say they found work, the numbers you aren’t buying,

But those same numbers, when in your favor,

You totally believed to be accurate; their negative you savored

Suddenly, you scrambled for a new tin foil hat theory

You’re only happy when the rest of us are in misery

Cry foul; cry foul; something is amiss

“No fair, no fair; my conservative a** you can kiss!”

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