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Ghost in the Fog-poem

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, How well do we really know people?

Ghost in the Fog

A whisper that you’re not quite able to hear

A shadow that you’re not quite able to see

Such words describe friendships made online

Just when you think you know all there is to know

About someone, you find out just how wrong you are

We’re all just outlines; big gaps in our stories

We’re all just a mystery, a ghost in the fog

But isn’t that the same as in our real lives?

We only let people see part of the novel

What we have decided to share with one and all

But online, we can be whomever we choose

We might not reveal our true selves

Unlike in life, where we make personal contact,

Online it’s impossible to see the truth of a person

Now I’m not saying everyone's got something to hide,

I’m just saying there could be a surprise right around the corner,

We can't be sure!

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