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Headless Morons!

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, Follows up Snapping Turtle Snaps!


Headless Morons!


A rudderless ark sails in treacherous seas,

Captained by a turtle caught on the freeway

A bigger collection of morons hasn’t been seen

Since, well, never!  Their only purpose is to just say “no!”

Otherwise, they’re just taking up space that might have been used

Oh, I don’t know, by non-morons!

Look at them; scowls on their face and hatred in their heart

Not only is the glass 1/2 empty to them,

But apparently it held acid that spilled

And burned away any common sense

They may have once had; but that I doubt very much!

They’re told what to say, and told what to think

By corporations, with money up the kazoo,

Who need more, more, more; the hell with the little guy!




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