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By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, My writing process


I get up in the morning and it’s always the same

I stretch, I walk, I sit down to write; some things never change

I sit there staring blankly, waiting on who-knows-what

I struggle mightily, sometimes a little less, but

an idea finally pours out through the keys

I let my imagination take over; I set my thoughts free

Sometimes my writing is very weird, sometimes it’s all for naught

Sometimes I’m chasing something that won’t be caught

Often when I read it back, I just have to throw it away

And before I know it, it’s the end of another day

I tell myself it’s not just wasted time

I’m writing not for money, I’m writing for piece of mind

Every so often, what is left is something profound

Something worth while emerges, and I feel a little less down

I’ve made new friends while scribbling down my thoughts

They’re always supportive, negative they’re not

And so this is how I pass the time, day after day

And so imagine that, is what I always say

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