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Mankind is a Misnomer

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, Gideon Elrod posted a Bob Dylan song, \'The Death of Emmett Till\', and it got me to thinking about all of the terrible things man inflicts on his fellow man. This poem is the result.

Mankind is a Misnomer

Mankind, now there’s a terrible name

With the terrible things we’re capable of, blame

it on someone else; the fact we know something’s wrong,

that doesn’t stop us; we go right on

raping and torturing, and killing each other

And if you think common sense will stop us, don’t bother

From trains full of people hauled away to die,

to the look of hatred in the bully’s eyes,

it will never end, these unbelievable scenes

From war to war, reason means

nothing, insanity rules the day

From the horrible things we do, to the hateful things we say,

like taking out our self-loathing on someone with different skin

There’s always got to be someone to blame for the troubles that we’re in

Conform to our view of the way things ought to be,

it’s not our fault that you just couldn’t see

how it’s supposed to work. Become an outcast

because you don’t see things the way we do, and, so fast,

you’ll feel the wrath of our hateful minds

Step outside the lines of our beliefs, and soon you’ll find

yourself in a world of hurt, as we get our revenge

For don’t you see, it’s entirely your fault; we bend

the truth to fit the facts, reason doesn’t enter in to it

That’s the way they think; turning our world to s**t

Those who hate everyone, and everything,

of how bad it is, so many write and sing

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