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Poem: Self-Therapy

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, Another poem about writing


A poor-man’s way of self-therapy

It’s ‘cry me a river” without having to leave

I know I’ve covered this before, but it interests me

I’ve got more thoughts to write, please forgive

It’s a way of examining my thoughts, without having to pay

I’m not cut out for psychiatry; guess I’d rather turn inwards

and try to think things out; smooth out my own problems

Just a private guy; my problems are my own

Telling some stranger seems wrong somehow

I’ll take advice from my friends, but that’s all

I write my problems down so I can face them plain

It gives me a measure of self-control over the demons

that constantly haunt me, and give me no rest

Somehow, seeing them written out in black and white,

makes them easier to face;

they don’t seem to tower over me quite so much;

they don’t seem so bad, in the light of the day

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