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The Mirror Must Lie

By: Mike Stevens

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The Mirror Must Lie

By Mike Stevens

Gazing in the mirror in utter disbelief

Why don’t I recognize the stranger I see there?

Could it be that he’s a lost soul, unlike me?

Looks very unhappy; looks kind of the same

As me, but that he cannot be; this guy has gray hair,

What little is left of it; and he has a face etched

With burdens I can’t begin to understand

The mirror must lie is the only conclusion

That I can reach, because the man in the mirror isn’t me

This guy looks worn down by too much guilt

Too much baggage that is dragging him down

Hey, pal, lighten up; smile once in a while!

Nothing. His expression remains unchanged

Look at all the fun you’re missing

Life’s too short to take everything to heart

Hey, problems come, and those same problems go

Live it up, come on, take some chances!

Oh well, I tried to talk some sense into him

I guess some people will never learn

I’m just glad I’m not like him; my life lessons have taught me well

This guy in my mirror is beyond help

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