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The Fabric of Time

Poetry By: MinustheJarBear

Tags: Chunk, Star, Crumb, Hunk, Mouthful, Snack, Tidbit, Bait, Bit, Bite, Cut, Delicacy, Drop, Fraction, Fragment, Grain, Lump, Nibble, Nosh, Part, Sample, Scrap, Segment, Slice, Taste Cheerful, Contented, Delighted, Ecstatic, Elated, Glad, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilant, Lively, Merry, Overjoyed, Peaceful, Pleasant, Pleased, Thrilled, Upbeat, Blessed, Blest, Blissful, Blithe, Can't, Complain, Captivated, Chipper, Chirpy, Content, Convivial, Exultant, Flying, High, Gay, Gleeful, Gratified, Intoxicated, Jolly, Laughing, Light, Looking, Good, Mirthful, On, Cloud, Nine, Depressed, Disappointed, Disturbed, Down, Grave, Melancholy, Miserable, Sad, Serious, Sorrowful, Troubled, Unfriendly, Unhappy, Upset, Discouraged, Dissatisfied, Forsaken, Hopeless, Morose, Pained Animated, Bouncy, Cheerful, Cheery, Effervescent, Elastic, Fanciful, Flippant, Frolicsome, Graceful, Happy, High-spirited, Jaunty, Light-hearted, Nonchalant, Resilient, Sprightly, Volatile, Whimsical, Mystical Activated, Active, Alert, Animate, Ardent, Brisk, Buoyant, Dynamic, Ebullient, Energetic, Energized, Enthusiastic, Excited, Fervent, Passionate, Peppy, Quick, Snappy, Spirited, Vibrant, Vigorous, Vital, Vitalized, Vivacious Advantageous, , Bright, Favorable, Felicitous, Fortunate, Golden, Halcyon, Happy, Hopeful, Lucky, Opportune, Promising, Propitious, Prosperous, Rosy, Timely, Bitter, Dismal, Heartbroken, Mournful, Pessimistic, Somber, Sorry, Wistful, Bereaved, Blue, Cheerless, Dejected, Despairing, Despondent, Disconsolate, Distressed, Doleful, In, Dumps, Mouth, Downcast, Forlorn, Gloomy, Glum, Grief-stricken, Grieved, Heartsick, Heavyhearted, Hurting, In, Doldrums, Grief, The, Languishing, Low, Low-spirited, Lugubrious, Morbid, Amiss, Atrocious, Awful, Bad, News, Beastly, Blah, Bottom, Out, Bummer, Careless, Cheap, Cheesy, Crappy, Cruddy, Crummy, Defective, Deficient, Diddly, Dissatisfactory, Downer, Dreadful, Erroneous, Fallacious, Faulty, Garbage, Godawful, Grody, Gross, Grungy, Icky, Imperfect, Inadequate, Incorrect, Inferior, Junky, Lousy, Not, Off, Poor, Raunchy, Apologetic, Conscience-stricken, Contrite, Crestfallen, Dejected, Depressed, Disconsolate, Down, Downcast, Downhearted, Guilty, Low, Regretful, Remorseful, Sad, Upset, Atrocious, Bleak, Depressing, Depressive, Dismal, Dispiriting, Distressing, Doleful, Dreary, Foreboding, Funereal, Gloomy, Horrible, Lugubrious, Mournful, Ominous, Oppressive, Sinister, Sombre, , Black, Cheerless, Comfortless, Dark, Discouraging, Disheartening, Drear, Grim, Hard, Harsh, Hopeless, Joyless, Lonely, Melancholy, Somber, Unpromising, Austere, Blue, Dejecting, Desolate, Despondent, Dolorous, Drab, Draggy, Drearisome, Dull, Forlorn, Jarring, Miserable, Mopey, Sorrowful, Sullen, Eventual, Forthcoming, Imminent, Impending, Planned, Prospective, Subsequent, Ultimate, Approaching, Coming, Final, Inevitable, Unfolding, Booked, Budgeted, Close, At, Hand, Up, Destined, Line, Pike, Road, Fated, From, Here, On, To, Eternity, Now, Cards, Course, Of, Time, Offing, Just, Around, Corner, Later, Likely, Looked, Toward, Near, Next, Scheduled, To, Be, Ulterior, Prospect, Come, Accident, Advantage, Adventure, Luck, Break, Cast, Casualty, Coincidence, Contingency, Destination, Destiny, Doom, Even, Chance, Fluke, Fortuity, Fortune, Future, Gamble, Hap, Haphazard, Happening, Hazard, Heads, Or, Tails, Hit, Kismet, Lot, Lottery, Misfortune, Occurrence, Odds, Outcome, Peradventure, Peril, Providence, Risk, Stroke, Throw, Dice, Toss-up, Turn, Way, Cookie, Crumbles, Wheel, About, Happen, Advancing, Almost, One, Anticipated, Aspiring, Certain, Close, Converging, Deserving, Docking, Drawing, Near, Due, En, Route, Eventual, Expected, Fated, Foreseen, Forthcoming, Gaining, Upon, Getting, Immediate, Imminent, Impending, Store, Wind, View, Instant, Marked, Nearing, Next, Nigh, Oncoming, Ordained, Predestined, Preparing, Progressing, Prospective, Pursuing, Running, After, Subsequent, Up-and-coming, Aeon, Afterlife, Age, Ages, Moon, Dog's, Endless, Endlessness, Everlastingness, Forever, And, A, Day, Immortality, Imperishability, Infiniteness, Infinitude, Infinity, Kingdom, Other, World, Perpetuity, Without, End, Star, Modification, Reversal, Revision, Revolution, Shift, Switch, Transformation, Transition, Variation, About-face, Addition, Break, Compression, Contraction, Conversion, Correction, Distortion, Diversification, Metamorphosis, Modulation, Mutation, Novelty, Permutation, Reconstruction, Refinement, Remodeling, Surrogate, Tempering, Transmutation, Turn, Turnover, Variance, Variety, Vicissitude , Adding, Addition, Adulthood, Advance, Advancement, Augmentation, Augmenting, Boost, Buildup, Chrysalis, Developing, Elaborating, Enlargement, Evolution, Evolvement, Evolving, Expansion, Flowering, Hike, Improvement, Increase, Increasing, Making, Progress, Maturation, Maturing, Maturity, Ongoing, Ontogenesis, Ontogeny, Perfecting, Progression, Reinforcement, Reinforcing, Ripening, Accruing;, Growing, Size, Effect , Accumulative, Additive, Additory, Aggregate, Amassed, Chain, Collective, Heaped, Heightening, Increscent, Intensifying, Magnifying, Multiplying, Finally, Peace, Wake, Daily, Live, Treasure, This, Life, Moment, Moments, Passed, Past, Passes, Re-surface True, Truth, Truthfully, Back, Time Back, Days, Loyalty, True, Love, Friends, Passion, Drive Ambition, Creation, Get, Along, Story, Tell, Admiration, Admire, Astonish, Astonished, Amaze, Amazed, Amazing, Horizon, Into, Sliver, Eagle, Sky, Soar, Soars, Soaring, Bird, Chime, Sing, Singing, Joy, Happiness, All, Never, Again, Lives, Far, Away, Death, Dead, Dying, Pierce, Piercing, Loved, Forgive, Always, God, Heavenly, Father, Devil, Create, Christianity, Christian, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Jehovah, Lds, Mormon

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Submitted:Jul 12, 2014    Reads: 21    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

~~The Fabric of Time
(To whom everyone I've known)

What comes true in time,
earthly words could never find.
Times so reminding wither bitter or sweet.
When a sound hits your ears, and a past moment appears.
It almost pierce's through your heart, that this moment at one time,
was yours, or ours.

Behold, the mystical embrace of this time or this place.
Where friends once were, and will be again.
No time, or any death could take away a true friend.
From my young years to now, I look back at how.
How much this life was taken by...

The eagle in the sky.
It soars so far away, into a small sliver that
fades away, slowly into the horizon.
Melting your heart each second that passes.
Only to enlighten.
You look down at your feet where you felt, but a tickle, of a feather that fell.
Only to leave a small piece, a morsel, down to each and every cell.
You admire it's magnificence, it's so beautiful.
And now you have this new story to tell. Kept in a box with dust from it's age.
This keepsake now stored away,

but still left a memory in all of our minds,
to take this alluring trip back in time.
True Love, our friendships, and loyalty, they are all earned.
And without a single person in my life, the air would be to heavy to breathe.
Ashes would rise, to leave begging on my knees, and I'd still burn.
All would give all, and I'd have nothing to give in return.

All the people of this world who shared
they're time with me.
I never said "Thank You", but I mean it truthfully.
Thank you to all, whether big or small.
It all had reason and served its purpose.
Every place, and every moment that passed.
Will one day. Once again. Re-surface.
And sometime later in our lives we will be
looking up at the sky.
An old piece of music will storm our ears.
It makes us put down our device,
electronics and all.
Only to admire this bird, that symbolizes it all.

So many of lives personalities, we are all so diverse.
It is us who makes us who we are.
Where there is love, there is always life.
And a better meaning to this world. A will to survive.
So treasure everyone, everybody, and each moment that passes.
Live this day like your last.
Time will tell, and finally, we can wake up each day
and know the days of our future have passed.
Peace and true happiness with us all. Finally. At last.

-Jared Fenn


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