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But What is Love?

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, Everyone asks it, everyone has known it, but what is love?

But what of love she asked of me?
Does it not change the world,
make your heart sing?

Can love not conquer all,
or is that another fantasy,
another lie, another thing?

Is love as grand as they say
or does it bring heartache
and that bittersweet pain?

Will love save your soul
change night time to the day
or make one slowly go insane?

Is love not the greatest gift?
Does it not forgive and forget
or does it sometimes fade?

Does love not bear all things?
Does it not mend each paltry rift,
or is it another game to be played?

Will love not cure heartache's disease,
heal the scars that time has placed,
upon the tender tissue?

Is love yet a new abstract excuse,
to do all those things we please,
or is it just another issue?

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