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Death's Sonnet (coolbadgirl's Competition)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, This is my entry for coolbadgirl\'s competition. I had to write a sonnet about death. My sonnet does not follow the conventional rhyming scheme. Let\'s face it there is nothing conventional about me! Hope you enjoy. Susan :)

Come swiftly sweet death, claim your prize.
Oh how anxiously I’ve awaited my demise!
The suffering and anguish which I have known
Inside my aging body like a cancer’s grown.
Have you come to free me of these earthly bounds
and guide my spirit to where precious love abounds?
I will not try to barter with you or attempt to run away.
I will not mourn my passing or ask for one more day.
Your face is so demure and filled with Holy radiance.
I tremble in your overpowering, peaceful presence.
Brave men might cower and shrink from your embrace
yet I seek your comfort and shelter of that heavenly place.
Come swiftly sweet death, that hour of truth is near
but I welcome you now without one regret or fear.

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