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Fame and Fortune

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, What are your dreams and are you willing to pay the price?

Some people dream of fame and fortune
but in the end they just find misfortune.
Other folk work toward money and glory
to leave some trace of their life’s story.
There are a few with wisdom and insight
who dream their dreams beyond the night
but in the end all hopes and aspirations
become their lies and foolish exaggerations.
Some people delude themselves and others
because it’s hard to be fathers and mothers.
They walk that trail seeking sanctification
or notoriety that ultimate life’s vocation.
There are a few who are content to just be
lost in their mundane lives of obscurity.
A few seem to be more solid, well grounded.
They thrive when by loved ones surrounded.
Some people can reach and touch the stars
others carry around their heartaches and scars.
Seems we never learn from our mistakes
and we wonder why others get all the breaks.
Success and fame it appears takes work
but the human condition demands we shirk.
So we dream those dreams and never learn
that admiration and respect are hard to earn.


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