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Her Dancing Shoes

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, We give so many things up as we grow older. Dancing and music were my life when I was younger. You replace things you love for things you love more.

Her dancing shoes lay in the closet
cold and lifeless, covered with dust.
She had grown old and one day lost it
that bound with them, that trust.

Still, on days like these
When moonlight plays
A flood begins of memories
And she recalls those days.

She is somehow transformed, taken there
to younger years and those nights
when music would kiss her face, her hair
and trace an outline in dance hall lights.

When the music starts
her feet will always move.
Oh, how she broke those hearts
swaying to that special groove

At times she puts them on her feet,
and that old magic does occur.
She feels elated that mood so sweet
and today becomes a blur.

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