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Pollution - A Crime Against Nature

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, This poem expresses my concern in the manner we continue to abuse and destroy nature in the name of technology.

All the fish are dead and gone,
yet I remember it had been so long,
when I fished there with my Dad.
All the wildlife seems to disappear,
it is my greatest, haunting fear,
man has killed all that which we had.

I walk the gravel road at night,
I see no birds in peaceful flight.
Where they have gone is a mystery.
Signs are posted along my way,
I guess to keep us locals at bay.
Silence hangs thick from every tree.

Nature seems to always feel the brunt,
and industry ignores the innocent,
Progress has a bitter cost.
The air, the ground, and water too,
are hazards now thanks to you know who,
I fear we all have lost.

Written about USEC formerly known as Union Carbide and its polluting of the environment here in Western Kentucky where I live. We have a higher instance of cancer and other diseases as a result of the soil, air, and water being saturated with toxic waste.

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