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Ride! (Zanzabaar's Samuel R. Hazo Challenge)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, A poem of freedom and the excitement when riding horseback! This is what I saw when listening to the music selected for me by Zanzabaar. The link for this magnificent tune is:

Hoof beats resound across plains of yesterday.
Crashing, churning dirt beneath hard cold clay
ride fast and hard beyond golden fields of hay.
Exhilaration, excitement and a moment’s thrill
never feeling the sun’s heat or night air’s chill
allowing the steed to travel wherever he will.
Following a creek bed onward the two race
up a hill top and then back down to the trace
not really venturing to any particular place.
Reins long abandoned and legs firmly gripping
at a full run the stallion’s heaving sides dripping
ride fast and hard although the sun is dipping.
Speed, recklessness and wild adventures abound
Not wanting to stop hoofs beating the ground
the tempo a crescendo in her ears does resound.
Shadows etched upon the ocean’s sand and grit.
Tender mouth chomping and fighting the bit
chasing illusions across the shoreline they flit.
Unseen by others as the companions defeat night.
Onward they journey immersed in pale moonlight.
Ride fast and hard her heartbeat cries with delight.

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