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When I Think of You (Anonymous 23 Challenge)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, Who I think Kei is! Written for Anonymous 23\'s Challenge. Giving it my best shot. Hope you like it Kei!

Her brown eyes shining as she goes.
A scent of honeysuckle tickles her nose.
Light brown hair flying in the breeze
as she walks among the ancient trees.
Dreaming of some far off adventure
further down the path she’ll venture.
Seeking imaginary friends and places
onward she travels as her heart races.
She loves Naruto and all the rest.
Kei truly believes anime is the best.
She follows the path hoping to see
some of her favorites from the TV.
She is seventeen and really neat.
I bet her friends all think she’s sweet.
She likes to read and loves to write
Her smile is gentle but oh so bright.
Don’t know too much about dear Kei
except that one day she wants to fly.
She longs to become a part of anime.
If she tries she might do it someday.

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