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Words and Their Impact

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, Some thoughts on writing.

For years I have penned lyric verse.
Some call it blessing, others call it curse.
I like to write and see where it will go
to make harmony and watch it flow.

The creation of feelings captured.
When done the heart is enraptured
with prolific thought now scribed
and emotions beautifully described.

Pain, love, hate, ecstasy, and sorrow
are dreams we poets often borrow
when we immortalize a certain feeling
or when our hopes are of revealing.

We can write such beautiful things
when hearts break or the spirit sings.
It takes devotion to maintain this art
for it can totally consume the heart.

Beware when writing what you do
words can always come back to you.
Twisted distorted by a world so cold
so be careful of how the story is told.

Words can fill a life with wonder,
but they can tear a heart asunder.
Beware and always remember
the pen is the mightiest member.

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