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Thy Name Comes First

By: mkkrinler

Page 1, Just a poem.

Could You be more tender

Could You be more scarce

Could You loosen your noose around all our throats


It is You I see and hear everywhere

Always standing ready for anyone anywhere

Stalking close behind everything for which people care


You linger with the pungent vagrant standing in the ally

You cause so many to avoid that which may cause them pain

Standing among the mob You have caused that for which they rally


The quickened pulse when looking down from too high

The reason some grit their teeth when trapped in a crowd

The cause for which many hesitate to say the word goodbye


Some have only You when they think they will find no one to love

Some thank You for the reason they refuse to burn a candle

Some drive the long road rather than travel with You high above


I have seen You cuase screaming at the crack of lightening

I have seen You in eyes when the phone rings late at night

I have seen You cause so much stupidity when one thinks of aging


Could You stop causing men to go to war

Could You stop making children cry

Could You stop making parents tired and sore


Could you leave me in peace

Could you let me stop looking over my shoulder

Could your name not be what always comes first

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