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Memories of My Grandmother

By: mommy3

Page 1, This is poem about the memories I have of my grandmother. She recently passed away. This will be the first year I will not have Christmas with her.

Memories of My Grandmother

I remember her cookies she baked

I would eat them til I had a bellyache

I remember when she celebrated for the holidays

Her favorite holiday was Christmas

She was always full of Chistmas cheer

I remember when she made homemade candied popcorn balls

Her condo would have decorations all over her walls

I remember when she would sing Christams songs

Her favorite song is Silent Night

When I hear this song I start crying

I wish she was here with us for this year

I know I miss her especially this Christmas

This is the first Christmas she will not be here with us

I will always love her and always remember her

This poem is dedicated to my Grandmother. Lue Hein just recently passed away and will be missed terribly.

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