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By: moonphish

Page 1, literally

could i write a poem 'bout nothing ?

could such a thing be done ?
i guess i'll just start scrawling
oh my gosh, i have begun
its not a real good start here
and i don't know how to end
but i'll keep my ballpoint speeding
till the last ink i will spend
most times i have a topic
or a point i want to make
but this is purely mindless
its a phony no good fake
but i'm right up to the middle
its a muddle, that is clear
cause i'm flying from my pant's seat
with all hindsight to the rear
but at least the damn thing's rhyming
like a poem is 'sposed to do
and its got a sense of timing
so i guess i'll see it through
when i reach the paper's bottom
i believe that i will stop
should i then just type it backwards
from the bottom to the top ?
but of course that would be senseless
oh that's right, that is the point
to scribble aimless wordpaths
like a nose that's out of joint
there's a little bit of room here
then this mess will be complete
i hope i am successful
in this stupid little feat
so i hope you will forgive me
and not kick me from your home
for having the audacity
to write a nothing poem

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