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By: moonphish

Page 1, now, where did i put that ?


i'm issuing a warning
so you'd better listen, please
be careful where you're placing
an important thing like keys
for items such as this
should always have a little niche
or they may simply shuffle off
and that can be a bitch
they want to run away and hide
the situation begs
in science, quite unknown
they tend to sprout some spider legs
so when you turn your back on them
they tend to disappear
and you will never find them
though you search for half a year
inside our wondrous cosmos
is a firm set of controls
and scattered here and there
there's placed some little inky holes
these holes you cannot see
it's not a black that's filled with paint
but items laid inside of them
you'll quickly find, just ain't
in fact, it was a year ago
i wrote this little poem
i found it just this morning
it was lost inside my home

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