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By: moonphish

Page 1, there is a joke about a three legged chicken...this isn\'t it

i had some chicken soup last night

before i went to bed
and had the strangest nightmare
that was rolling through my head
the chickens i'd consumed
returned to life to pay a call
and those fearsome feathered creatures
came back thirteen meters tall
they noticed me as i took flight
a-screeching down the road
i'd never ran that quickly
thought my heart just might explode
the chickens of my soup
were now resigned to eating me
and those giant flightless creatures
had not two drumsticks, but three
i wondered how i'd save my life
as down the road i tore
i guess i could just eat them 
as i had the night before
but then a thought occurred to me
and made me sadly moan
for these beastly barnyard creatures
came equipped with all their bones
and sure i love my chicken soup
and chicken strips are swell
but the thought of veins and tendons
and sharp bones are straight from hell
and drumsticks are the worst of all
though i loved them as a child
and these monstrous clucking creatures
had some legs that stretched a mile
so i had to put my brain to work
had to think out of the box
now what would scare a chicken ?
why of course, a giant fox
and fox soon killed those ghastly fowls
and my heart was filled with glee
til that loathsome red furred creature
started coming after me
so the moral of the story here
is to stay away from flocks
of chicks with legs a-lengthy
also steer clear of the fox
for that stuff will give you nightmares
full of deep dark overtones
lots of violent stalking creatures
and of that i'll make no bones

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