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By: moonphish

Page 1, an unwise tattoo

i got a tattoo with your name

and then you left me crying
it seemed you dumped me so darn quick
the ink was hardly drying
i have this wretched foul tattoo
it's like a thing the devil drew
i'm sad that i'm deprived of you
it's like this artwork's lying
i guess it could be lasered off
but that could lead to scarring
or find a woman with your name
to be my partner, starring
i could just stick to longer sleeves
i see it and my heart just grieves
i hate it when a woman leaves
i find it truly jarring
i guess it could be covered up
by something much more charming
the fact i had such faith in you
is something quite alarming
i thought you were the one for me
to share my life eternally
i find i cannot let it be
and find myself disarming

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