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By: moonphish

Page 1, why not ?

hallelujah, time to dance

climb in the aisles and start to prance
speak in latin, maybe pig
hands in the air as your heels, you dig
fingers wiggle, genuflect
squeeze your knees still you're nearly wrecked
once you do, you'll feel colossal
the name of the dance is the pentecostal
roll those eyes, throw back your head
sing out loud till you raise the dead
don't stop now you're on a roll
hear those congas ? start to stroll
kick your feet in quirky rhythm
like you've had an aneurysm
both the youngsters and old fossils
love to do the pentecostal
you don't need no rocking chair
elbows knocking, flying hair
arms and legs and head will flail
like a kite all set to sail
some won't do it, i say most'll
latest trend, its pente-coastal
join us, its the next big craze
let's see how much hell we can raise
stomping feet and toes a-bend-zy
work yourself into a frenzy
go hog wild and when you're through
you can sit in your own pew

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