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By: moonphish

Page 1, are you sirius ?

yes, Dog, in the beginning

did create the earth and heaven
day six, he formed a new best friend
then rested on day seven
his friend declared, "i am the king ! "
"now you must fetch ! ", he'd holler
he tried to rein the canine crowd
and strap them with a collar
then chain the collar to a leash
and on that teather, walk 'em
and if they tried to chase a cat
man pulled them back to block 'em
the way that mankind misbehaved
made Dog think they were addled
they'd rub a puppy's nose in poop
and then that pup, they paddled
now, Dog, on high was horrified
by all this cruel derision
he realized he's missed the mark
and made a firm decision
he made the rain fall from the sky
and made man yell, "oh lordy ! "
the torrent poured relentlessly
until the days reached forty
then earth below was free at last
from vermin that had saddled
and Dog, above, howled out with glee
to see how they dogpaddled

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