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By: moonphish

Page 1, my favorite holiday

oh how i yearned for halloween

when i was still a child
the thought of candy given out
most truly drove me wild
the costume mattered not at all
twas quite beside the point
the object was to swiftly move
and hit most every joint
a little plastic pumpkin ?
why, they only held a tad
a grocery bag ? you're kidding, right ?
to think that would be mad
i'd grab a king size pillow case
that always did the trick
and when i came home laden down
i'd look like ol' saint nick
and i would run from house to house
oh lord, how i would truck
each house in every neighborhood
i know i must have struck
that pillow case stayed by my bed
i had no discipline
so every time i craved a sweet
i'd dip my hand right in
nutrition never worried me 
the same for tooth decay
but i'd be hyperactive
right up till thankgiving day

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