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By: moonphish

Page 1, a true story

the fair haru-arara

was a race horse of japan
she's known for her achievements
in a stunning six year span
one hundred thirteen races joined
not one this mare has won
but she became a legend
in the land of rising run
a good luck charm she soon became
because her luck was bad
and t-shirts, hats and key chains
with her image were a fad
so many people chose her
to win each and every race
that often she was favored
in a thrilling steeplechase
"ataranai" became the cry
which means "to lose a bet"
it also means "you won't be struck"
so tickets, folks would get
they felt the mare protected them
while cruising down the street
and this provided peace of mind
when in the driver's seat
books and songs were penned for her
a movie made as well
and though she has retired at last
her legend folks still tell
the fair haru-arara
in your life the die was cast
a monument to valiant souls
who always finished last

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