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By: moonphish

Page 1, faith and strength

your dreams are unresolved
and yes, my own are much the same
the guilt of indecision
is the culprit to be blamed
our faith shall get life solved
and yes, our strength will be inflamed
our power of decision
is a force that can't be tamed
our faith will sing on high
and our strength will rise and fly
a rousing hymn and hurricane
will be our battle cry
your life is incomplete
and yes, my own is missing parts
a lack of satisfaction
while deflecting deadly darts
our faith soon will complete
and yes, our strength we'll soon impart
our power is attraction
and the blending of our hearts
our faith will never lie
and our strength will never die
a rousing hymn and hurricane
will surely get us by
your love is unfulfilled
and yes, i feel half empty too
but we've anticipation
you for me and me for you
our faith will be fulfilled
and yes, our strength will see us through
and our emancipation
is a dream that will come true
our faith shall ask not why
and our strength will not be shy
a rousing hymn and hurricane
combining you and i

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