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By: moonphish

Page 1, garage band song


i don't fly in the sky
i don't dig in the ground
i don't swim in the sea
i never monkey around
some people like to be on top of things
clawing and scratching all the way
some people like to grab that golden ring
i don't wanna take a chance
it ain't my song and dance
i don't fly
i ain't looking for fun
i ain't looking for fact
i ain't looking for you
so why not get off my back
some people like to climb those golden stairs
and they get lost along the way
i'd rather sit back in my easy chair
i'm not not gonna thrash about
this dance i'll just sit out
i don't fly
i'm at an steady pace
i'm on an evil keel
i'm made of solid rock
i'm made of stainless steel
some people want to know what's life's about
and then what happens when you die
these kind of people make me want to shout
just go ahead and die
find out the reason why
i don't fly


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