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Poetry By: moonphish

mystical love story

Submitted:Jan 18, 2012    Reads: 26    Comments: 7    Likes: 5   

up in the northern latitudes

the iceland weather's bold
the lakes and streams like frozen dreams
the trees so frosty cold
there was a girl named isabelle
with hair so thick and brown
her father, ike, had never liked
the guys that she had found
now, isaac was a handsome lad
his family had wealth
though money brings a lot of things
poor isaac had poor health
but he enchanted isabelle
his voice was like a song
but father, ike, of course disliked
because he was not strong
"now isabelle", he said to her
"don't choose a man like he...
its very bad for sickly lads
to raise a family"
"for he will pass his genes on through...
your children will be frail...
you'll find your seed will surely need...
a man who's much more hale"
then isabelle said, "father, dear...
i think that you are wrong...
i'll take a chance on his romance...
our children will be strong"
then ike replied, "you might be right...
but i have a request...
i'll have him prove his fortitude...
by giving him a test"
"i've planned a little quest for him
an item he must find...
if goes as planned, he'll have your hand...
and with him, you may bind"
so ike requested isaac come
to hear what he would ask
the trip in store was then explored
ike told him of the task
"on top of mount isosceles...
there grows a special flow'r...
bring back to me this mystery...
so i may gain its pow'r"
"but this trek will be perilous...
of cold and lofty height...
and you may die if this you try...
it may take all your might"
but isaac answered right away
"this trip i'll realize...
i'll scale the heights 'neath northern lights...
and bring you back your prize"
the morning, next, he started off
determined man, was he
and with each step he lost some pep
but went on doggedly
the higher up, the colder, air
and steep in pitch, it drew
but isaac loved sweet isabelle
and vowed to carry through
the hours passed, he reached the top
exhaustion at its peak
he searched around the frozen ground
the flower for to seek
at last he found the blossom, rare
it's petals iced and white
he plucked it free, then hurriedly
began his downward flight
the air had turned a bitter cold
his bones ached out in pain
each step he walked, electric shocks
exploded in his brain
he finally reach his true love's home
twas very early morn
with frozen flesh and bones unmeshed
his spirit frayed and torn
he called for ike to come outside
so weak he could not stand
then ike did loom and take the bloom
from isaac's outstretched hand
then isabelle was out the door
her lover, knelt beside
his body broke, no word he spoke
with eyes wide open, died
the tears cascaded down her face
and froze in frigid air
her eyes were filled with icicles
all spiky in despair
but ike crouched down between the two
gave isabelle a touch
"this noble gent whose life was spent...
must love you very much"
"this flower that he brought to me...
and caused him so much strife...
when deeply sniffed provides the lift...
to bring dead back to life"
with that, ike placed the precious bloom
beneath the dead lad's nose
when this occurred, young isaac stirred
then looked around and rose
and ike said, "you have passed the test...
no stronger man exists...
and i am sure your love is pure...
for you to take such risks"
then isaac ran to isabelle
and kissed away her tears
they soon were wed, strong children bred
and lived for many years


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