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By: moonphish

Page 1, cause it\'s unique

i've met a lot of women

and collected lots of names
some women are just too much work
and some play silly games
but you are the epitome
of everything i seek
an endless fascination
and a name that's quite unique
but you and i are quick to hurt
and quick to take the blame
can two such people coexist
when thoughts are much the same
it's two steps up and one step back
sometimes we slip back three
it seems each time i pull you in
you push away from me
we've come so close to giving up
and wandered to the edge
but something deep inside of us
begins a brand new pledge
i've written out our love in verse
but if we say, so long
i'll never be left grieving
by some radio's sweet song
for yes, your name is so unique
the only tunes i'll hear
that mention you, will be the ones
that i have penned, my dear

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