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By: moonphish

Page 1, perilous voyages versus marvelous rewards

there lies a lovely island

i can see it from my home
i think i'd love to live there
but unsure if i should roam
for the space between is mighty
and the waves could pull and toss
and there's no guarantees here
that i'd safely get across
i hear a seagull crying
in that strange enchanting land
its like a siren calling
and the words i understand
so i'm making my craft ready
for this trek across the bay
i know that on this journey
they'll be traps along the way
but i need a new adventure
for the old one's lost its thrill
and so i'll pull my anchor 
steady winds, my sails, will fill
and i'll set across the water
with my eye upon the prize
i shall not look behind me
for ahead, my treasure lies
and when i reach that island
i will reach eternity
for my life will soon be worthless
if i do not cross this sea

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