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By: moonphish

Page 1, hydrodynamics

let me tell ya 'bout sweet suzie

she's a real jacuzzi floozy
she will soak there with her beer and cigarettes
she will aim the stream upon her
moments later, she's a goner
like a frequent flier, she'll reboard the jets
she just loves the feel of water
she could be poseidon's daughter
she's the wettest woman i have ever met
when the waterfall's dramatic
little suzie gets ecstatic
and she'll sit there till all wrinkly, you can bet
she does not require a hubby
she's quite happy with her tubby
getting dreamy as the tidal wave rolls in
she says, "bring on the tsunami"
the sensation leaves her balmy
doesn't feel that wasting water is a sin
she got bored with simple showers
in her hot tub she'll spend hours
and her boyfriend ? she had no real need of him
for her simple faithful geyser
has the means to paralyze her
and fulfill her every little need and whim
she'll ignore the mister bubble
sticky suds are only trouble
so she drops her anchor and she yells, "ahoy"
and she never gets all soapy
only dewy-eyed and dopey
for the jets regale her more than any boy

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