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By: moonphish

Page 1, ah, life

keep your eye upon the canvas

you must contemplate each stoke
for your life can be mysterious
reflections framed by smoke
keep you pressure nice and low
and keep your expectations high
you're an artist
life's the canvas
so upon it, keep your eye
keep your breath upon your ship's sails
as you journey 'cross the sea
do not trust the fickle waters
that will drive you aimlessly
have no fear of the horizon
it is not the edge of death
you're a sailor
life's your ship's sails
so upon it, keep your breath
keep your hand upon your loved ones
for no person stands alone
and your heart must be kept buoyant
or it sinks just like a stone
and without the thoughts of others
life you cannot understand
you're no island
you need loved ones
so upon them, keep your hand

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