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By: moonphish

Page 1, i\'m at home WHEREVER there is music

the first thing that you realize

while forming in the womb
is the heartbeat of your mother
and the other sounds that loom
you must always keep this magic
let your mind be free to roam
for you'll always have a shelter
letting music be your home
surely, life can be unpleasant
every path will not be smooth
so let music be the pavement
that will motivate and sooth
let your feet dance as you're walking
let your language be a poem
for your soul will not grow cobwebs
letting music be your home
you will never touch the heavens
if you're anchored to the ground
so let yourself be weightless
with your ears all full of sound
let your mind embrace perfection
like a geodesic dome
you can build your own cathedral
letting music be your home

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