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By: moonphish

Page 1, don\'t be a bird brain

people sneak disguises 

into songs of love they sing
and it can be deceiving
in the message it may bring
be careful to interpret
when you hear these songs of love
for it may be a mockingbird
that's cooing like a dove
you must not be a dodo
you must be a wise old owl
a peacock may be pretty
but their squawking is most foul
so crane your neck as whooping
is the rooster all a-crow
there might be something up
besides the sun, just so you know
some acts are hard to swallow
its a melody, off tune
be it screeching of a hooter
or the ravings of a loon
there are pretty little warbles
or a honk that's just plain wrong
some will leave you all a-twitter
with the promise of their song
no one needs an albatross
to decorate their neck
a raven craves what's shiny
and a chicken will just peck
your heart, they might be robbin'
so i'll leave you all with this
the song that's most important
is the language of their kiss

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