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By: moonphish

Page 1, a christmas carol ?

old scrooge awoke with quite a start

and felt a sense of doom
a strange unearthly music
he heard booming through his room
he spied a lurking figure
dressed in blacks and greens and reds
a guitar he was strumming
with his face encased in dreads
the scent of burning ganja
was apparent in the air
and as he danced around
it looked liked serpents in his hair
he said, "you'll have three visitors
disguised as little birds
an exodus, you'll make with them
please listen to their words"
"you've always hated reggae
so i've come to set you right
and you'll be so much cooler
when you've finally seen the light"
the first bird showed the roots to him
the second, present state
the third revealed the wonders
of a distant future date
and scrooge awoke enlightened
"i love reggae", he would boast
and he was ever thankful
for his tryst with marley's ghost

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