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By: moonphish

Page 1, we all have met at least one enchantress


the enchantress, dressed in leather
on a wooden throne, she graced
just waiting for a lover
and a chance to be embraced
she loved to spill her stories
as she took them by the hand
then led them through the mazes
of her captivating land
she never would have thought to sleep
but if her lover dozed
then she would just lie back in wait
and deem the matter closed
when last the tale had been unspun
the lady took a rest
and waited for another chance
to grant a soul's request
then she would launch another tale
although much quite the same
the telling flowed in different hues
but still retained the frame
though mute at times for time, untold
it never hurt her pride
she came to life so quickly
when the light was spilled inside
and this beautiful enchantress
has a million other friends
with a host of new beginnings
and as many wondrous ends

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