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By: moonphish

Page 1, you won\'t see this on \"discovery\"

the metaphors killed dinosaurs

the schoolboy gravely said
or maybe a wild asterisk
had slew the beasts instead
at first, just in a comma
till a period elapsed
quite tense, the situation
then the tense was clearly past
goodbye tyrannosaurus
with your tiny little arms
king of lizards, said thesaurus
but this king has bought the farm
and the irony was classic
they say lizards turned to birds
jury's out for the jurassic
tiki room for the absurd
i remember down in texas
there were filling stations there
that made their bucks with dino poop
they called themselves 'sinclair"
and their logo was a bronto
body huge but brain so small
they gave out plastic dinosaurs
i yearned to have them all
well, this is hardly science
just a silly little rhyme
but i'd climb inside a gizmo
if it took me back in time
and i'd make conversation
with these creatures waltzing by
but i'd use only similes
no metaphors would fly

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