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By: moonphish

Page 1, adversity is easier when shared by two

in times of jubilation

there are tribulations too
for a changing of the guard
means something old meets something new
unfamiliar with the dance step
there are toes that may be crushed
and a scream is much more piercing
when the atmosphere is hushed
in times of excitation
there are fluctuations too
there's disruptions in the math
whenever three divides by two
we are sailing in strange waters
where the clouds may block the sun
but we fathom that a rainbow
will emerge when storms are done
in times of exploration
there are smoke formations too
and when winding through the maze
you will find mirrors thrown at you
but a chiming in the distance
is a signal loud and clear
telling us that joy and comfort
lies beyond the walls of fear
in times of exclamation
there are lamentations too
and the patterns tired and old
will be rewoven into new
we must have faith in each other
and defend ourselves with smiles
so that we may cut to zero
all these countless miles and trials

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