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By: moonphish

Page 1, escape

my whole life i've been sheltered

i've been tethered to my home
but now i'll finally get the chance
to venture out and roam
i'm off to join the circus
that has been my secret scheme
to join the fun and merriment
has always been my dream
at home here, its so boring
there is nothing much to do
and i am very anxious
to experience things, new
the circus may be hectic
with a quite frenetic pace
but that is what i'm seeking
at this certain time and space
so free me from this prison
let me leave it far behind
for if i am left stuck in here
i'll surely lose my mind
the time is now approaching
i am certain i'll enjoy
for soon the doc will spank me
and then holler "ITS A BOY"

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