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By: moonphish

Page 1, written by a mere mortal

they say that aphrodite

was a mighty pretty lass
with flawless even features
and a perfect pear shaped ass
well, she may have been a beauty
but my cutie, tell ya true
that stylish aphrodite
can't excite me like you do
they say that wise athena
was as smart as any whip
a wicked sense of humor
she was sly and wry and hip
well, she may have been a smartie
but me hearty, tell ya true
that scheming ol' athena
ain't as keen as wily you
i know i'm no apollo
i'm not tall nor fair of face
a far cry from adonis
bulging muscles, i've no trace
well, i'm certainly not god-like
though an odd type, tell ya true
you make me feel i have appeal
and steal my heart, you do

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