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By: moonphish

Page 1, parody of \"cold cold heart\" by hank williams

i bought the car some years ago
fulfilled my teenage dreams
the smell inside was all brand new
the paint so bright, it beamed
i never drove it rough and fast
i knew that wasn't smart
i treated it so very kind
i loved my ol' dodge dart

i tinkered with it all the time
to make that car run true
if ignorant, i soon found out
the upkeep i must do
the belts were changed, the brakes were bled
it never failed to start
to other cars, my eyes were blind
preferred my ol' dodge dart

you'll never know how much it hurt
when buddies would reply
you ought to get another car
give something new a try
those words just cut me like a knife
i shunned the auto mart
the price of cars was off the chart
i kept my ol' dodge dart

and now its time for me to leave
i'm nearly ninety-three
and all the friends that taunted me
are now just memories
i never got a car, brand new
mine never fell apart
and now to you, dear son of mine
i will my ol' dodge dart

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