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By: moonphish

Page 1, chips off the ol\' block

stone images sat four abreast

they had been for some time
debating which of them was best
and who the most sublime
now. roosevelt was always loud
his " bully ! " filled the air
his terms in office left him proud
his deeds, he loved to share
" i built canals in panama
as well as foreign trade
a big stick i held in my paw
but soft, the tracks i made "
then jefferson was butting in
and shouted "teddy, hark ! 
i'm twice the man you've ever been
and left a bigger mark "
the declaration that was planned
was patterned on my stance
i doubled up this country's land
by buying tons from france
then lincoln said, "now listen, bud
perhaps you made us large
but when the civil strife boiled blood
i was the man in charge"
" i put an end to slavery
and saw all men fulfilled
so we could live in liberty
and for this act, was killed "
and washington then cocked his head
in argument, he burst
"i've listened here to all you've said
but i was best and first "
" i fought the war against the brits
and made us what we are
i gave those limey redcoats fits
this country's shining star "
and then there came a booming voice
" just stop your idle chat
for i shall be the people's choice
they soon shall see to that "
" for i am known as crazy horse
you stole this land from me
but i'll be honored in due course
from sea to shining sea "
" now, rushmore was a lawyer's tag
its not your monument
before you white dogs raised your flag
my people came and went "
" my size will overwhelm you all
for i will be the best
my strong face twenty feet more tall
on my arm , you could rest "
" it takes time for magnificence
but i shall not be rushed "
the sun set on the presidents
and in its redness, blushed

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