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By: moonphish

Page 1, deal me in

if life's a game

then you're to blame
if leaving things to risk
a roll of dice
an armed device
a wildly spinning disc
a pea beneath a nutshell
that's recruited to deceive
no need to play the joker
when an ace is up your sleeve
so if your life
is fraught with strife
the sand inside it, stilled
a useless mass, this empty glass
it's time to get it filled
the sun may be more brilliant
but the moon has much more pull
no need to play the joker
when you know your house is full
if quick to moan
that you're alone
it's time to take a chance
horizon lines
revealing signs
of dawns of new romance
the sky will be exploding
in a magic, yet unseen
no need to play the joker
when the king has found his queen

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