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By: moonphish

Page 1, oink


the sweet porcine mc snorty
was a piggie, oh so sporty
and she lived inside the barnyard
of the friendly farmer brown

she was always so delightful
never mean, nor cross or spiteful
so she stayed inside the barnyard
when the others went to town

in that awful little city
was a slaughterhouse, unpretty
where the other little piggies
were converted into food

but not porcine mc snorty
never went here, oh no, lordy
for she was a special porker
not a member of the brood

some pigs turn into bacon
or a ham if not mistaken
maybe turned into a sausage
or a pork chop on a bone

but not porcine mc snorty
lived until the age of forty
farmer brown found her so precious
that he left that pig alone

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