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By: moonphish

Page 1, aka funny farm

my friend went nuts the other day

he climbed out of his shell
he got a one way ticket
to the lunatic hotel
the ambulance was padded
like a little cotton box
his wrists and ankles shackled
with a vast array of locks
and down the road they scurried
while the siren howled with glee
they pulled up to the entrance
of the puzzle factory
they showed him to his boudoir
and his ratty little bunk
where a hundred slept before him
oh my goodness, how it stunk
they let him out for recess
in a little playground yard
he sat upon the mood swings
and he really rode them hard
the day he could have visitors
the best it ever gets
i brought him chocolate candy bars
and packs of cigarettes
i don't think he;ll get better
he is too far up the tree
seems there's never happy endings
at the puzzle factory

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