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By: moonphish

Page 1, a four act play

see the woman

young in age
her blossom set to burst
her suitors shove
and acts of love
are awkwardly rehearsed
the lure of life is calling her
she's drawn in by the drum
and she succumbs
see the woman
set to wed
in veil, she's standing now
and then her man
holds out his hand
articulates his vow
and when it is her time to speak
at first, she's stricken dumb
then she succumbs
see the woman
lost in life
and hardened by dissent
her mind will stray
to yesterday
and wonder where it went
the grind of life will overwhelm
but eased by wine and rum
so she succumbs
see the woman
in old age
now one instead of two
the long parade
that she has made
it seems is finally through
the edge of life is now in sight
she tallies up the sum
and she succumbs

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