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By: moonphish

Page 1, smoke gets in your eyes

a fellow, name of harlin

had a girlfriend, name of june
he wanted to propose to her
and pop the question soon
but he was fond of whimsy
he was just that kind of guy
and he wanted his proposal
scribed in smoke up in the sky
he found a guy who'd do it
and a contract then was signed
they fixed a day and certain time
the plan was all designed
so he invited junie
for a day out in the sun
and when that plane flew overhead
she's see what he had done
the thought was so exciting
the anticipation great
that harlin was beside himself
he really couldn't wait
he pointed out the plane to june
"oh look, what have we here ?
it seems to be a message
maybe ads to sell some beer ?"
"please marry me", the message read
then harlin felt great pain
it didn't end with "dearest june"
it ended "dearest JANE"
another couple walking
hand in hand inside the park
looked up into the ether
and they noticed that remark
and jane turned to her henry
"oh my sneaky precious man
you bet your life, i'll marry you
that's always been my plan"
now henry was surprised as well
but this from her, he hid
he said that he had known she'd love
that special thing he did
in fact, he wanted marriage
but he lacked the nerve to ask
and now by happy accident
he'd polished off the task
and off they went to wedded bless
but that's another tune
what happened to poor harlin
and his dearest little june ?
they laughed about the incident
and married just the same
and never knew about the girl
who almost shared june's name

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