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By: moonphish

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there's twice as many questions
than the answers that i find
i feel i'm fighting dragons
in a fog that leaves me blind
so if i walk unsteady
as we stroll along the path
please reprimand and hold my hand
and help me solve the math

the horns of tribulations
are like thorns that stab my heart
and scheming demons feel the need
to pull my soul apart
so bless me with your loving
when such foes display their wrath
bestow your peace till worries cease
and help me solve the math

i often miss the splendor
of the fading hues of light
while pondering the inky black
that comes with dark of night
remind me of the beauty
and the glories life dost hath
and to me, tend, and be my friend
and help me solve the math

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